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by James Rumford

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Beowulf Wikipedia Beowulf ˈ b eɪ ə w ʊ l f Old English Bēowulf ˈbeːowulf is an Old English epic poem consisting of 3182 alliterative is one of the most important works of Old English date of composition is a matter of contention among scholars the only certain dating pertains to the manuscript which was produced between 975 and 1025 Beowulf Summary Characters Analysis Beowulf heroic poem the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European vernacular deals with events of the early 6th century and is believed to have been composed between 700 and 750 Although originally untitled it was later named after the Scandinavian hero Beowulf whose exploits and character provide its connecting theme Beowulf 2007 IMDb Directed by Robert Zemeckis With Ray Winstone Crispin Glover Angelina Jolie Robin Wright The warrior Beowulf Ray Winstone must fight and defeat the monster Grendel Crispin Glover who is terrorizing Denmark and later Grendels Mother Angelina Jolie who begins killing out of revenge SparkNotes Beowulf From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes the SparkNotes Beowulf Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes tests and essays Beowulf The British Library Description Beowulf is the longest epic poem in Old English the language spoken in AngloSaxon England before the Norman than 3000 lines long Beowulf relates the exploits of its eponymous hero and his successive battles with a monster named Grendel with Grendel’s revengeful mother and with a dragon which was guarding a hoard of treasure Beowulf A Summary in English Prose Beowulf was composed by an unnamed English poet sometime between about 700 and 800 These dates based on internal contextual and linguistic evidence are not universally accepted by scholars SparkNotes Beowulf Plot Overview Plot Overview King Hrothgar of Denmark a descendant of the great king Shield Sheafson enjoys a prosperous and successful reign He builds a great meadhall called Heorot where his warriors can gather to drink receive gifts from their lord and listen to stories sung by the scops or bards Beowulf 1999 IMDb Directed by Graham Baker With Christopher Lambert Rhona Mitra Oliver Cotton Götz Otto In a besieged land Beowulf must battle against the hideous creature Grendel and his vengeance seeking mother Beowulf 2007 film Wikipedia Beowulf is a 2007 BritishAmerican 3D computeranimated fantasy adventure film directed by Robert Zemeckis written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary and based on the Old English epic poem of the same g the voices of Ray Winstone Anthony Hopkins Robin Wright Brendan Gleeson John Malkovich Crispin Glover Alison Lohman and Angelina Jolie the film features human characters 50 Beowulf® 50 Beowulf® Product Overview Alexander Arms® is the originator of the largecaliber AR15 style weapon concept As the leader in the field we manufacture the best and most reliable weapons